Soaring Demand for Flexible Workforce

If you’ve spent any amount of time trying to recruit employees for construction and green energy projects, you know that the demand for skilled labor is at record highs. What has become apparent this year, is that finding construction employees

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Industry Outlook for 2013

The construction industry is still driving precariously close to the edge with few guardrails to deter a plunge. But construction, like the rest of the economy, has avoided the fiscal cliff and despite a perilous road ahead, forecasts for 2013

Future of Green

The green construction trend has reached a crossroads, and its future as a viable business model hinges – like all innovations in a free market society – on its profitability. There’s no doubt the green/sustainable building movement has been one


With all the turmoil the construction profession has experienced over the last five years, one might expect organized labor to have put aside its organizing agenda for the good of the industry. One might assume that unions would work with

Health Care Reform

Like many businesses and business advocates, the majority of the construction industry opposed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act recently found by Supreme Court to be constitutional. Most fought President Obama’s health care plan because they believe it will

Construction Outlook: Up, Down or Flat?

In seeming tribute to the blockbuster Avengers movie, the U.S. construction economy continues to perform its impersonation of Dr. David Banner. One day a new study or government report predicts construction will flex enough muscle to burst through the constricting

The Importance of Improving Our Infrastructure

It is rare that groups as diverse as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO agree on an issue. It is even rarer when conservatives such as Paul Ryan, one of my heroes, advocate spending billions of tax dollars